to the play venues
(descriptions and photos):

1. the schoolyard
2. the graveyard wall
3. the water reservoir
4. the "Rossplatz"
5. the meadow
6. the "Eschbach" - the spot where Max likes to play
7. the dandelion-meadow
8. the Black Forest Street
9. the old sports ground
10. the canal
11. the sports ground
12. the playground
13. the "Eschbach" - the spot where Smilla likes to play
14. the "Eschbach" - the spot where Mr. M used to play as child


Play Venues in Ebnet: An Audio Tour of the Neighborhood

The senior citizens and the children visited 14 old and new Play Venues in Ebnet, a district of Freiburg (Germany, Black Forest). Here you can take a look at the places on the map and at some pictures. Just click on the respective location on the left and you'll get a short information about the place and what happened there. (We are sorry that you can not listen to the interviews in English but only in the German version!)
The places are listed in the same order as used for the city- tour.