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Dr. Traudel Guennel

Dr. Traudel Guennel is a member of the scientific staff of the Department of Media and Communication Science at the University of Education (Paedagogische Hochschule), Freiburg. She has extensive experience in action orientated media research, in media pedagogy, in radio broadcasting and in managing projects. Her involvement with community media dates from 1979, and since the mid-1990s she has had a continuous role as leader of research projects funded by the European Commission. These included the international projects “Creating Community Voices” and “Digital Dialogues”, research projects on how to implement media training in non-vocational adult education, in programmes for young people and in schools.

The last EU-project coordinated by Traudel Guennel was META-Europe - MEdia Training Across Europe - a project for edult educators about media competence and cultural empowerment with a focus on minority groups. After the end of the support by the EU, the project is a successful self-supporting project now.(

Traudel Guennels publications include: Counteracting the gap: Strategies for Teaching Media Competence (in: Community Media in the Information Age, Hampton, 2002) Experiment Arbeitsweltredaktion, Bürgerradio im Kontext von Medienpolitik, Kommunikationswissenschaften und Pädagogik (Kopaed 2003), Der Radioschein (with Ulrike Werner, kopaed 2003), Handlungsorientierte Medien-pädagogik im Bürgerradio (with Jörg Fichtner and Sigrid Weber, Kopaed 2001).

Latest publications:

"Medien in der Lehrerbildung" (German, PDF, 311 KB) by Traudel Günnel & Monika Löffler, Beitrag in der Zeitschrift Medienpädagogik, herausgegeben von der Pädagogischen Hochschule Ludwigsburg, Ausgabe 12/2009:          

   "Attitudes of a sample of English, Maltese and German teachers towards media education" (PDF, 90,8 KB) by Lauri, M. A., Borg, J., Günnel, T. and Gillum, R. (2010) 'Attitudes of a sample of English, Maltese and German teachers towards media education', European Journal of Teacher Education, 33: 1, 79 - 98

Online publication date: 21 January 2010 (published on

   University of Education

From the Margins to the Cutting Edge - Community Media and Empowerment
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