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Activity 3 - Moving Stories and life histories
group leader and
project coordinator (Traudel Guennel)

Partner Organisation

The University of Education Freiburg, Germany is the project coordinator of Crosstalk.
The University specializes in education and pedagogy, and its mission is to varry out research and educational activities at the highest academic levels. The University’s main departments are concerned with education of teachers, adult education, media pedagogy and communication.
There is substantial experience with adult education, teaching media, and media research in the pedagogical field.
The University of Education Freiburg also was the coordinating institution for three successful international projects “Creating Community Voices” (1998-2000 funded under Socrates I Adult Education Programme), “Digital Dialogues” (2001-2003 funded under Socrates I Grundtvig) and "META Europe" (2007 funded under Sokrates I Grundtvig).

Dr. Traudel Günnel is a member of the scientific staff with extensive experience in action orientated media research, in media pedagogy, in radio broadcasting and in managing projects.

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University of Education

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